You know what they say about best laid plans……..well, mine were certainly disrupted this morning. Having had the best intentions of creating an inspiring and informative blog post for you, and working on the copy for my new website which I am so behind on, I had those plans scuppered by two things.

Firstly, Charlie was sick overnight, up vomiting, so he is now home from school, although seems to have recovered remarkably quickly as he asked if we could go to the movies today!

Secondly, on the way back from taking Poppy to kindy I stopped at our local cafe to get my morning coffee. I misjudged the curb and hit it quite hard, which caused the tyre to literally burst. It deflated flat in an instant. I tried to drive home which wasn’t far, but could hear this terrible groaning, scraping sound which I thought probably wasn’t good for the tyre or wheel.

So had to phone my poor husband who was waiting at home with the other two kids, in his suit ready for an important meeting. He had to put them all in the car and come and find me up the road, then he spent an hour scrabbling about on the roadside in his suit, changing my tyre for me.

What a nightmare. So now I’m off with one sick child and a baby to get a new tyre. Can think of better ways of starting a Monday!

So instead, here are some pretty pictures to inspire your Monday, some of my favourite pins of late.

For more inspiration, these sources and over 8,000 other beautiful images please visit my Pinterest boards here.

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12 Responses to Monday Inspiration – Beautiful rooms

  1. I can relate Mel! My little Tommy had the vomiting bug Sat when we were away from home. Awful! Then I spilt a whole coffee on my outfit for the day (hadn’t packed much!). He’s home today pestering me do do things while i try and work! Ahhh poor lad. xx

  2. WHAT calm, peaceful soothing images to look at! And you are in such a stressful state with a sick child and a baby, buying a tire!!!! What a contrast!

  3. I did that tyre thingy the same way on the way to work one morning. It was 15 years ago and I can still remember what I was wearing, which suggests my senses were heightened by the incident. Soooo annoying when you are rushing. Come to think of it when aren’t we.

  4. Oh Mel no good, I did that once when rushing to stop for a coffee on the way to swim lessons. Luckily the barista used to be a mechanic and changed the type for me while we sat and drank a free coffee and babycinos. Got to love that.
    hope your day improves. sounds like you need to make your hubby a special dinner
    Fiona xx

  5. Oh you poor thing…things will get better. Lovely photos.

  6. Lisa @ LA says:

    Am so inspired you got a post out on top of everything else with such calming images. As Oprah says, being a mum is the hardest job in the world. Being a stay at home mum combined with working from home mum is a whole new level of skill,hard work and crazy! Here’s to a much better Tuesday Mel. Everything you are doing here is worth all the hard work and effort you put in cause you are fabulous!!!
    Lis xox

  7. Sounds like a tough morning! Hope your afternoon gets better – tyres always go flat when you are super busy. x

  8. lou lou says:

    And you fitted in a blog post!!! (3 exclamation marks)

    take care – pour a wine and hope all dust settles soon

    x L

  9. K-L says:

    What an awful morning. I’ve done a similar thing….an expensive oops! Next time ring NRMA…
    x KL

  10. Designs by M says:

    You poor thing! What a disaster! and aren’t tyres expensive??? Recently had to get a new one and My God! The expense of a damn tyre!! Hope the second part of your day was more pleasant! Mx

  11. Oh how I know those kind of mornings!! I am impressed you even put out a post….what gorgeous rooms. I am so drawn always to that pale pale blue and cream combination…so soothing and beautiful.
    I busted my tire on a curb recently and oh yes, my sons too have had that “mysterious sickness” that seems to cure itself the minute the bus leaves the curb (without them) haha. Hope hes better soon and hope your day goes on to be a lot better than it started!

  12. Monica says:

    You poor thing…so glad to hear you and kids were ok after the tire issue and your son wanting to see the movie (giggled on that one..sorry) I enjoyed the fresh light colors of the rooms above especially the fireplace photo with large weave basket next to it.

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