Things are currently open for discussion in our house. By that I mean where we are going to live next. We are both ready for a change in the next year or so, and want to try somewhere else. My husband is angling for a few years in England (being a pom), and I’m wanting to be nearer the beach, but in Australia, although I’d very happily live on the US east coast for a few years.

So whilst these discussions and negotiations continue, I am thinking about my next kitchen. Of course I love a project and I can’t imagine ever finding a house here that is perfect in every way, (unless we move to the US or Brisbane!), so I am always preparing myself for a bit of a renovation job.

With that in mind, I’m thinking about my new kitchen. Currently I am enamoured with black and white kitchens. Whether it be black island and white top cabinets, or white cabinets and black countertops, or a mix of both. I went with a contrasting island with our current kitchen but it was subtle and safe. It is painted Dulux Spanish Olive, the same as the walls, but I think that next time I want to up the contrast and go for something striking and super stylish.

Here’s my inspiration. I think this kitchen below is fabulous. For me it has the perfect blend of white cabinets with black benchtops, a black island with marble top, dark timber floors and that bar cabinet on the right.

And here it is from another angle. I’m sure you’ve all seen this one before.

And this beauty by Australian designer Marco Meneguzzi is a particular favourite, although it’s not strictly black more a very dark stained timber, but the effect is the same and it reads black.
This kitchen below was designed by Brisbane based interior design company Porchlight Interiors. That black island with the beautiful cabinetry is just stunning, set off by the black and white cafe bar stools and pendant lights, teamed with the dark timber floors.
Here’s the kitchen belonging to Hayley Hayes, one of the designers at Porchlight Interiors. She created a similar design for her kitchen some years ago, which I’ve always loved and admired. Those white cabinets on the left conceal a handy little office nook which I’m very envious of! Wish I’d had the space and forethought to put one of those in mine!
I also think black and white kitchens looks equally at home in the city or country. You can make them look highly sophisticated and glamorous, depending on the door profile, benchtop design, sink style, and accessories you team them with ie lights, chairs, tapware etc. Or they can look relaxed, country and homely.
If you find the thought of using all black cabinetry a bit too much, then consider introducing black into a kitchen with other statements like door handles, the floor, window frames, chairs and lighting or just have one piece like the island benchtop.
Similarly, black and white suits both traditional and modern kitchens equally well.
So what colour is your kitchen or your dream kitchen? Do you have black or desire it? I’m definitely incorporated black in my next kitchen. I love it.
For more ideas and these sources go to my Pinterest board here.

30 Responses to My next kitchen – Black and White

  1. Natasha says:

    Aaah now your recent pinnings make sense. I had a black and white kitchen in our last house and ten years later when we sold, it still had not dated. Can’t wait to see what you do when the time comes as I know I’ll love it.


  2. If I ever get to do a whole kitchen again, I think I might just have a black island with smart stone “marble” for the bench top. The surrounding cupboards would be white though. All black is too much.

    Great shots Mel

  3. Lisa says:

    Well I wholeheartedly recommend living in another country (for a short to medium while). My Aussie family and I have been living in Montreal, Canada for the past 5 years and it has been a great experience. My 3 daughters (one called Poppy also) now speak French and have seen another piece of the world that you can’t experience on a vacation. We return to Sydney in July full of great memories. I saw your b&w kitchen pins yesterday and repinned a few because our kitchen in Sydney will need a new a makeover. It already has black countertops and I’m hoping to get the cabinets professionally painted white. Love so many of these images.




  5. Gorgeous Mel! I just had to share this on my Facebook page. xx

  6. Lou M says:

    I would like to see one with white cabinets, black benches and a dark island to see how it looks but don’t seem to find one with it all. Oh, and there has to be glass doors in the upper cabinets.

  7. June says:

    stunning kitchens but where in Australia would we find these lights just drooling over the second picture with THE LIGHTS I WANT! Thanks for sharing

  8. I’ve always been a white kitchen girl, but I do love the contrast the black gives. Good luck with planning your move.

  9. what an impressive collection you have gathered here….wow….you are serious about loving them!

    and that’s big new about getting itchy feet…know that feeling, although my children made me promise we would never leave melbourne, so my travels are now confined to holidays rather than living arrangements…lucky for me we ended up in a city in which I feel so at home…but for you…ah, a whole new exciting adventure awaits!!

    and the kitchens…have always, and shall always, love black and white kitchens…timeless. x

  10. Anonymous says:

    I had a wee giggle when I saw the images, bar a few these are the exact ones I have collected for my new kitchen! Love the black and white theme. Try keep hubby away from UK unless you truly love grey skies! I think we are having the longest grey winter ever the sun has become a UFO.

    Lisa, London

  11. I so love all of these images and have always wanted to do a black and white kitchen. We did our poolhouse kitchen with white cabinetry and black granite benchtops and love it but next time I really want to do black lacquer cabinetry and white calcutta marble! Beautiful post !!!
    best wishes Frances

  12. Moving again after all that work? Oh yea, I forgot you are superwoman you can do anything:)

    You know my feelings on black and white kitchens:) LOVE them! Not a day that doesn’t’ go by that I walk into my kitchen and dont’ just love it….my black island, white marble, creamy cabinets….its a dream I had in my head for a loooong time! Hope you get the chance to put in your dream kitchen next go around.

  13. Polly says:

    Our last home had a black and white kitchen, white cupboards and black Benches, I dearly miss it. It was a kit hen I always felt proud of.

  14. Mrs C says:

    Those are some seriously nice kitchens.

  15. Leslie says:

    A great combination! I have the the dark island with white marble on top. My cabinets are with black granite and white marble as a back-splash. You can’t go wrong with a two toned look. The only thing I’d do differently is darken up my hardwood floors and I’d replace my stainless steal sink with a farm-house sink.

  16. Kathysue says:

    You are preaching to the choir, here!! I love black and white or at least touches of it throughout my home. My kitchen cupboards are a wonderful sage green but I use touches of black and white in there. I am not sure I would change my kitchen, but I could handle a white kitchen as long as it had some black with touches of green.
    Love all the eye candy, beautiful post,

  17. Monica says:

    What a beautiful photo selection of White and Black kitchens. I adore your home so if and when you do move I know your new home will be stunning.

  18. There’s not a bad one in the bunch! And how wonderful to have a collection that includes tricky room layouts (I get so bored with the giant square room with the island you can not reach across.).

    Good luck to your next move adventure!

  19. Completely drooling. I have so many of these pinned ready for that dream home of mine … now to just win lotto 😉 x

  20. Samantha says:

    Beautiful kitchens, so many fabulous ideas.

  21. Great post Mel! Thanks for including some Porchlight images in your favourites! So much inspiration here – you just can’t go wrong with classic black and white! xx

  22. I love the fact that you are contemplating a continent move yet are planning the kitchen first – woman after my own heart! Loving these pics, I think it’s time I find you on Pinterest ;D

  23. Mel, these all look stunning! Very stylish and clean! I adore those country-stlye kitchen sinks. Do they have a name? They look huge, but I love them! Fi xx

    • Melinda says:

      Hi Fi, they are called Butler’s Sinks. You can get them here, they can be quite expensive but you can find reasonable ones too. I have had them before, and they are divine although can have a tendency to crack on the base. You can get them in stainless steel now too.

  24. I had honed black counter tops in my last kitchen. Loved it. I like your adventurous spirit !!!

  25. These kitchens are very chic indeed. You will have a hard time finding which one to choose as they all look great.

  26. Kris says:

    Hi Mel
    Love these kitchens! We are currently building and are planning to have a Carrara marble island with black bench tops for the rest. Only issue is all of the black stone/granite is sparkly (including engineered). We are in Perth, do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you (not sure if you’ll be checking these messages on your break!)

  27. This kitchen designs are really great! Cant wait to have this kind of design around my house!

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