I love mood boards. I think they are a fabulous decorating tool. I’ve been collecting them for ages from blogs and Pinterest for my inspiration folders, but have only recently started honing my skill as part of my E-decorating services.

Apart from being great fun, it’s also a good way to hone your decorating skills. It helps you develop an eye for colour, pattern, texture, scale and proportion and is a really good and easy way of playing around with a room, trying things out to get the best result. It’s a case of virtual trial and error. Creating mood boards is like having an unlimited decorating budget and the biggest house in the world.

I wish I had done mood boards like this with our renovation, because although I am pretty good at imagining how things will look in my mind’s eye, this is a very effective way of actually seeing how it might look in real life and playing around with things to get the best outcome. It’s especially helpful when you only have a photo, brochure or small sample of a product or fabric you plan to use, because it’s often hard to envision how will look. But when you can create the whole virtual room you get a better sense of how your vision will end up.

Here’s a few mood boards I created recently.

Bedroom 1a

Boy's Bedroom 1a

Floral bathroom1

Dining Nook1

Mood board our bedroom

Only problem is, like blogs and Pinterest it is very addictive – you get started and before you know it, the day has gone. But it sure is fun!

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12 Responses to Mood boards for Inspiration

  1. Mum E says:

    Very clever! Your mood boards look great! Definitely helpful in trying to decide upon the right pieces for a room. I wish I knew how to make them.

  2. You did a great job…love your ideas!

  3. Do you ever sleep? These are sooo gorgeous!! Love them!! That kids room is to die for, makes me want another little one so you can come decorate his/her room! You are one talented lady and you must offer this service!!

  4. Suzi says:

    do you have a name for that blue paint swatch on the last board? these are beautiful

  5. I could get sooo addicted to making mood board. I have a mood scrap book where I cut things out of magazines and stick them in. I dont know how I would ever choose one style as I love so many. xx

  6. Gorgeous Mood boards, Melinda.

    I would love to share these on Twitter, and give you a shout out, by I’m not seeing that you are on Twitter? Tell me I am mistaken!

  7. Jinan says:

    Just found this site… LOVE your ideas. Am in the finishing end of a reno and wish had found this site ages ago. Its been a real struggle. Love the beds in the mood boards. Are these beds that are available in OZ? Am in love with the duck egg blue one in the first mood board wow! where can I get this from?

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