A craft project I did for the Weekly some years ago, that was featured in my portfolio on the old blog, is the most popular post ever by a country mile, and the photos are the most requested to use by other blogs and websites. Go figure! But it didn’t make it in the transfer over to WordPress and I’ve had a few requests for the tutorial lately. So for those of you who were wanting to see this post, here it is again.

Candle Craft Project

There are lots of items around the house that can be re-purposed and made into something more useful. For example, do you have a cabinet full of pretty but rather useless vintage tea cups, perhaps a dinner service inherited from an elderly relative, a selection of old glass jars, or practically any glass or ceramic container that could be upcycled into something else. If not, you can buy them cheaply at charity, craft or discount stores.

Here’s a simple project that can be done at home and turns a collection of old tea cups into pretty and useable candle holders.

What you’ll need:

  • a selection of containers
  • candle wicks from craft stores
  • candle wax (recycle used candles or buy new ones)
  • a skewer (metal or bamboo)
  • two saucepans to create double boiler
  • scented oils (optional)
  • food colouring (optional)

Step One

Set up your wicks in the containers. Place the wick in the bottom of the container and tie the tail around a skewer to hold it in place temporarily. If the wick moves too much, you can secure it to the bottom with a dab or glue or a drop of melted wax. Put all the containers on a tray so they can easily be moved.

 Step Two

Fill the larger saucepan with a few inches of water and bring to the boil. Don’t overfill so that the water pours over the sides when you put the other pan inside. Place the candle wax in the small saucepan and put in the larger pan, and reduce to a simmer. Allow the wax to melt completely but not boil. Be careful of spitting wax. Add a few drops of colouring or scented oil if desired. NB if you’re using old candles, don’t forget to remove the old wicks once they have melted off the candles.

Step Three

Take the wax off the heat and allow to cool slightly. Gently pour into containers, leaving about a centimetre from the rim and take care not to dislodge the wick. Set the tray aside and allow the candles to cool completely. Trim the wicks so they are about 1cm long.

Enjoy your beautiful candles on a side or coffee table, as decoration in a table setting or in the bathroom while you soak. At least now my pretty teacups can be seen and appreciated.

You can make candles in practically any size or shape, as long as the container is sturdy enough to withstand the heat of the wax. Below I used small metal pastry cups, which I filled with melted wax and once cooled used in a floating bowl of flowers.

Photos by Prue Ruscoe for The Australian Women’s Weekly

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14 Responses to Candle Craft Project

  1. Mel..I have made these before in tea cups…they are so pretty…I would love to know what your survey tells you about your blog….

  2. thebuzz says:

    No we know what to do with granny’s china! Fun gifts at a dinner party or for the holidays. Off to fill out your survey!
    C + C

  3. Monica says:

    This is a great DIY and love the beautiful tea cups and would make great gifts for my friends. Now to hit thrift stores for cups perfect timing before the upcoming holidays.

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  11. Arlene Wonsey says:

    I can’t wait to try these. I have cups to use & didn’t want to just throw them out so this is the perfect solution. Thanks for the idea.

  12. MARIE says:

    Hi I am amazed at how quickly people post the teacup candles wow I wonder what the thought behind making the candles.can anybody tell me where they originated from and where to buy. I saw the tea cup candles by a lady who gifted them to all her clients that purcjased something at a huge barn sale. It seems that the idea is more for people who craft . I am interested where to purchase them at.it’s amazing that they have never been marketed her story behind the teacups was quite unusal copared to the blogs .Please let me know if I can find at a store or online order thanks

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