I have to admit that lavender, mauve, lilac and purple are not colours I gravitate to naturally when it comes to interior decorating. In fact, probably not for much at all if I’m honest, save flowers perhaps. I have always thought it the preserve of little girls and their bedrooms. However, of late the colour has had a bit of a renaissance and been seen around in some particularly sophisticated and elegant applications which have piqued my interest.

Here’s some examples of stylish rooms that make the shade work.



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The ever talented Judy from Verandah House in Brisbane has recently opened a gorgeous showroom which features this elegant bedroom vignette this beautiful shade.7f0373cf0ddf76e4cec476cde8ad9f8e14c49377e271f26f3eee2919a765dc9a33a8899ffbd21f1e55c8a3257f40f022 39c7e818a1bd1d7ed81be3a288bacd59 043b41589406cb8d84b71283aeccabd1 51b625fe3de28b53f148f1a348e8304d94ae7f16695418cd0113564d25eb34bb505e065f39cfe68b7786142d94fcb48f662a7b74aa0f7247f15a8d2c82b2772e 1620-lavender-bedroom4687c0c5321eb86c7decaf7b15c1ec6163059eac8658f50bff1be53b371d17178240566c2bb9263e963fd4ed1d7d4e8e 052665450344a02602097207bffec885 a4e478665e1d871a30f90d756937a33d a7aedef4e52712f82e2218f490627b95

It’s a surprisingly versatile colour and seems to work equally well with golds and warmer colours, as it does with silvers and greys.a32e8ae95f67c65156feec12d62710f6ad97b230187534d023d8227c3eb07458 Amanda-Nisbet-Bedroom1

And works beautifully in a traditional classic setting, as well as a transitional or contemporary one.c0a3abe027fcf9b2d91a99ff532c5076 c32d37923d24d7f6db311f854e2872d8 c77dd72b1dd22879cb77ac439f22b4dc c2973b1394a2574576fe810e0f0654d2d00f760c90b805b4cb9f44f098d67604dd8a43d5bf324ea9e233a446ba6158effb62044226abb199d7ac3bb129f0b4ef

And if you’re thinking of introducing some lavender into the mix or perhaps decorating an entire room in this pretty shade, here’s some products I found for inspiration.

Xavier Pauchard

Xavier Pauchard chair



Kathryn Ireland

Kathryn Ireland


Lou Lou Chair by Kartel









Joss and Main

Joss and Main


Joss and Main

Kathryn Ireland 2

Kathryn Ireland




Verandah House

So, does it grab you? Are you tempted to introduce some lavender in your home, or have you already? I think I could be convinced. It’s pretty, elegant, feminine, chic and oh so grown up!


For sources and more ideas visit my Pinterest board for details.

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11 Responses to The lure of lavender

  1. Virginia says:

    I haven’t ever cared much for this colour in interior decoration either. It can look quite cold. But having moved into a home with a plethora of wistaria clambering all over the walls, which is anything but cold, I am rethinking its possibilities too.

  2. Lynne Grierson says:

    Not a colour I had considered before either but, as usual, you have found rooms that make me think again!

  3. Really really pretty, especially the bedroom with the black side tables. Yummy X10.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Mmm, no I’m not a mauve or lavender type of girl preferring to opt for the stronger purple tones in decorating. Mind you, some of those bedrooms are gorgeous but I prefer the ones with touches of lavender rather than all over walls, furniture and accessories. Less is more???

    Jennifer xx

  5. Mel this is one heck of a gorgeous post and could make a lavender fan out of any skeptic. I have never been a huge fan but am warming up to it and have to say these rooms are quite spectacular!

  6. adesignsnack says:

    Beautiful examples! I’m using lavender and gray in a medical practice that’s in process right now. The staff loves it.

  7. Design Chic says:

    I love a dash of lavender, especially in a girl’s room or a guest room and the bathrooms are scrumptious! Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~

  8. I love lavender.. or maybe more lilac.. I go for the blue side of it rather than the pink…

  9. Monica says:

    Beautiful photos and when it comes to lavender…I love it and grow it in my backyard. I prefer the darker color of lavender than the lighter.

  10. Janet Lahti says:

    I’ve always been a fan of lavendar and all types of purples. It’s a color that transport me to many places. It’s extremely relaxing in a bedroom. As a backdrop, it brings the vibrant colors of my Haitian paintings to life. When used with navy fabrics, especially a cloth I have softly printed with off white stars, it’s other worldly or like sitting under the night time sky! Love it!!!! Always have, always will.

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