Whenever people ask me where to shop in Sydney, I always get a little stuck for ideas. I often only shop at the same places and there’s only about half a dozen I tend to recommend which have the kind of style I gravitate towards and  which meet my budget. So when a new shop pops up, particularly in my area, I get very excited and can’t wait to spread the word. Even better when the shop is called Hamptons House!


I am always a little dubious when I hear somebody opening up a Hamptons-inspired shop here. Not that I’m the world’s aficionado on all things Hamptons, but they often don’t really understand the essence of the Hamptons and it is such a commonly misinterpreted aesethetic here.



Monica Ford, stylist and founder of Hamptons House however, I think has managed to capture the essence of the Hamptons with great flair and subtlety in her stunning interiors store in Fairlight on Sydney’s northern beaches.


Hamptons House has been a pipe dream for Monica for many years. A love of the Hamptons that began many years ago, and the dream of one day opening her own interiors store inspired by her love of the area, has kept her motivated while she worked as a home stylist, helping declutter homes, then time helping out on sets for magazine shoot, trying to hone her craft and get into the biz. All this while raising three young children and renovating then selling her home.


She’s a girl whose thought and attention to detail has created a slick brand and memorable shopping experience that reflects her unique style and showcases her many talents.


Monica sources products for the store from all over Australia, using local artists and artisans to create unique and special pieces that you won’t see anywhere else.





The shop fit out is as well thought out as every other aspect of the business, and took many months to research, design and perfect. From the white timber paneling on the walls, to the white cabinetry, black and white gloss chequerboard floor, to the stunning black and white kitchen. It all goes to creating the perfect ambience and backdrop for Monica’s wares.




Monica’s husband is an expert in brand development and was heavily involved in the development of the Hamptons House image, with months of thought and planning gone into the design of the logo, the choice of font, the right shade of blue, design of the awning. The Hamptons House gift cards for example, feature a unique illustration designed specifically for the store and which features on the cards, shopping bags and price tags. Even the little detail of the key hole cut-out in the price tag shows how carefully considered every detail is.



The store design is a neutral and elegant palette of white with black accents, while Monica adds variety and interest through pattern, texture and the odd burst of colour.




There’s a wonderful mix of products in the store, so whether you are after a custom sofa or armchair, a lamp, artwork, candle, ginger jar or decorating book, there’s something for everybody and every price point here. You can be sure you’ll walk away with something unique and a little unexpected.








Monica wanted the store to feel like you were walking into a home, where you could feel relaxed and comfortable, unwind and linger. She encourages her clients to stop for a chat or a cuppa and doesn’t want anybody to feel intimated by the store. So she created the stunning black and white kitchen, with the beautiful blue and white tile blacksplash so the shop resembles a home rather than a display store.



Everything about Hamptons House is beautifully designed, planned and executed. From the business cards, to the logo, the exclusive Clubhouse membership with gold key to the handle on the front door.




If you spend over $500 at the store, you become a member of the Clubhouse programme which rewards you with a beautiful gold key that gives you access to a number of unique benefits and entitlements including 10% off future purchases.



I really admire people who have the guts and courage to follow their dreams, particularly young mums with so much already on their plate, and who bravely invest their heart and soul in something because they have a burning passion for it and want to share it with the world. And that passion is evident in everything about Monica’s store. So I encourage you to support new small business and visit the store, follow her on social media and if you love something you see here but don’t live in Sydney, Monica is happy to organise freight.

Hamptons House is located at 182 Sydney Rd, Fairlight. You can check out the website for more information here, follow HH on Facebook here and Instagram and Twitter too.

Images by Melinda Hartwright.



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12 Responses to Hamptons House

  1. Sally Kessell says:

    Looks wonderful Mel! So glad you posted this, as I don’t drive down Sydney Road very often, usually go via Pittwater Rd, so would have been ages before I discovered Hamptons House. I’ll definitely be paying Monica a visit very soon. The photos of the store look amazing – and I saw some blue and white, my favourite!

  2. Wow Mel

    Thanks for the introduction. That is one I will put on the list of to dos. It looks absolutely stunning.

  3. Kylie says:

    What a great review! Hamptons House should be very happy. The store looks divine.

  4. Looks like a wonderful store…I could spend hours in there…

  5. Monica Ford says:

    Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog Mel! Amazing review…..I’m very grateful:)

    • Sarah Skinner says:

      Monica, you look great !!! You should be very proud of yourself. It’s always hard and risky to open your own business but you store is unbeliveably beautiful and your service and personal touches are out of this world. You guys go that extra mile to help. I will be visiting your store all the time for not only products but inspiration xxx well done xxx Sarah Skinner

  6. janine marshall says:

    Hi Mel,

    Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful post this is. I love this store, it’s not everyday that you step inside a shop and have that reaction of extreme excitement, pulses racing and being inspired. This shop done it for me. I have come back to your blog post time and time again as the pictures are stunning. Thank you so much for posting this as people such as myself that live too far away can enjoy this shop too. Actually, thanks to you I’m waiting on being the proud owner of a blue and white ginger jar. I have waited soooo long for one as I’m very fussy with the overall look.

    I hope you have a wonderful day.

    Take care

  7. Stunning photography Mel… although Monica has managed to stuff it full of incredibly gorgeous things. Always a little thrill to see our bee created light out there waiting for a new home… potential on a shelf. I often wonder about the homes they go into and whether people realise how extraordinary beeswax is (a female worker bee only makes about 1/8th of a pinkie nail of wax in her lifetime!) but also the passion (bordering on obsession) that we then apply to our craft for it to then light up people’s lives. A lovely little boost for a Sunday of tending emails 🙂 xx

  8. Gail Storti says:

    There are very few stores that I could live in…but this is one of them! So many wonderful things that I would love to have! Too bad it’s SOOO far away! Or maybe that’s a good thing!! They might find me
    curled up, sleeping on one of their sofas some morning when they come to work!!!

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  10. Congratulations ! Monica, we can’t wait to visit your store and admire your beautiful collections. Annette and Brian Hampton – Organic Avenues

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