We only have four weeks until we move, and I haven’t started packing. Is that bad? I have booked packers to do the kitchen and fragile stuff, but the thought of going under the house and tackling the 40 or so plastic crates that linger under there and haven’t been opened since we moved here makes me feel faint. My husband has declared that this weekend we must begin the big editing process, and I agree, but just the thought….and I know it will be a nightmare trying to juggle it with the kids, so I’ll end up entertaining them and he’ll end up doing the chucking, and things will disappear that I want to keep. Like my box of historical memorabilia of Princess Diana and 9/11.

So in an effort to procrastinate as much as possible I have been distracted at regular intervals by Pinterest. Here’s some of what I’m loving at the moment. I’m pinning for our new house project, for a few clients, for Christmas and for fun.


Gorgeous trellis wallpaper by Thibaut. I’m always looking for an alternative to Kelly Wearstler’s Imperial Trellis, and I love this pattern.


I love this office nook which is just off the kitchen in this house. It looks like a hallway that has been made to accommodate the desk and that’s just what I want. One of the things I wish I had thought of when we renovated this house was the need for somewhere for my computer and to work. I’ve been stuck at the end of the dining table for a year now. So next house, I’m going to make sure I have a dedicated spot for it.


This gorgeous collection of blue and white was featured in a home in Norway in a recent issue of House Beautiful. I just shows you the impact of keeping a collection together, rather than spreading it around the house.


I gathering ideas for a client’s house and I would love to use this wallpaper in the laundry. I think it’s just gorgeous.


Our house doesn’t have a proper outdoor area, more of a concerte deck, so I am hoping to create an outdoor room with a fire and BBQ, although it is a bit of a dream. I think in the Highlands we are going to need some shelter because it can get cool at night even in summer. Another mistake we made with our entertaining deck was not having an all weather cover, so we could use it in the rain. We didn’t because of the cost and because we couldn’t find an effective solution, but it would have made it more useable.


This is just such a pretty bathroom. and I love all the polished nickel accessories. It has such a warmth so it.


Something else I’d love to try in our new place or someone else’e place, is trellis on the walls. I think this is such a fabulous effect. Surely I can just get some lattice from Bunnings and stick it up?


This room caught my eye because of the clever use that table in the room, not just for the colour, but the shape and material. Goes to show that a room should have something unexpected.


I have been wondering what kind of living room to have in the new house, and as we have a sunroom/family room which I will probably stick with my blue and white for, I thought it might be nice to have a more moody, grown up evening room where we can go in and snuggle up during the cold winter months. I’m dying to use grasscloth wallpaper somewhere, and this room really appealed.720765e058392624357822c2d3c5c986

This reminded me of our house in terms of the angle of the roof, the dormers and the general shape, although it’s a prettier design architecturally. But ours is painted a sort of daggy salmon colour, so I want to do white with black shutters and doors. Hoping it might end up a bit like this.


Beautiful bathroom and I love the black accents and that gorgeous mosaic tile in the shower.


Another lovely bathroom covere entierly in beautiful marble with some wall paneling. I love the mirror inserts either side of the bath.


How beautiful is this Ralph Laurent wallpaper!


Love all the details isn this room. What looks like a trellis print sisal wallpaper, the timber paneling, the sconces, the mirror, tapware, marble top. Just lovely.


More fabulous inspiration for pretty girl’s rooms with punch.


I’m always on the lookout for ideas for artwork and clever ways of displaying it. And I always love the idea of hanging sets of artwork together. Interesting how there is no space between these frames, so they become one giant artwork.


Love the joinery around this fireplace and that amazing ceiling.


Hope you’re having a great week. For these sources and more ideas see my Pinterest boards here.


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7 Responses to What I’m loving right now….Pinterest

  1. Well I do always say if I am ever lucky enough to build a house, all I need to do is send the architect straight to your pinterest boards. I love your taste Mel. And good luck with the clean out. I do feel for you. How about getting him to mind the kids, whilst you tackle it?


  2. So much to love. I am glad I didn’t know about Pinterest when I was building I probably would have changed my mind every day!! Love it….

  3. MaryBeth says:

    Wow I love that wallpaper. I wanted to do a powder room in the KW paper but know I am not sure which I like better. It will come down to the best shade of blue, if I ever do it.

  4. Design Chic says:

    So much to love – the office nook is wonderful and a dream laundry room!!

  5. You have some great ideas for the new house…cant wait to see it!

  6. thebuzz says:

    Your Pinterest boards put all of ours to shame, Mel! Where do you find the time?? Your pictures read like a high end shelter magazine and they inspire us all. Can’t wait to see pictures of your new home!
    C + C

  7. Monica says:

    Well the process of weeding thru what you want to keep is the hardest. I loved your backyard photo pick…I hope too someday to have something close to that.

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