I was going through the posts from last Christmas to see what I should or shouldn’t write about this time around, and also because we are moving in two weeks I haven’t gone to the same trouble decorating – yet. So I don’t have as much to show you about the house at this stage. It will all be rather a mad rush in the last week, I’m afraid, which is not how I like to do Christmas!


There were some lovely posts and lots of beautiful and inspirational images from last year, so I thought I’d give you a easy click list so you can revisit them or check them out for the first time. Lots of photos and details from our Christmas at home and plenty of tips and ideas for Christmas decorating too.  Enjoy!


Christmas at Home 2012 – our beautiful Christmas Tree and how I decorated the house with all the lovely decorations and lovely festive touches. Click here.





Christmas at Home 2012 Part 2– how I decorated the kids’ rooms for Christmas, our end of year festivities, professional photos of the kids and more. Click here.




Merry Christmas 2012 – revisit our family Christmas Day with all the presents, decorations, food and more. Click here.IMG_0991

Blue Christmas – one of my favourite Christmas decorating colour schemes – no surprise there. Click here.


A couple of Christmas Quandaries – do you still send Christmas cards? I ponder the dying art of giving and receiving them. Click here


Christmas Wrapped Up – what kind of wrapper are you? Lots of inspiration and ideas for every kind of Christmas present wrapping. Click here.

IMG_0731 Lots more inspiration to come.


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3 Responses to Christmas Posts Past

  1. Anne Thomson says:

    Hi Mel, loving your blog (and style), thank you. I totally agree with you about real trees. I’ve always had one for the divine smell but now with little kids, I like to get our decorations up early, which you can’t do with a real tree here in Australia, they just don’t last. I’m dying to know where you got your 8ft tree from, it looks like a really nice one. I’m going to invest in one after Christmas when they will hopefully be much cheaper. And the Christmas candle of which you speak that makes up for the fake tree? Merry Christmas to you and yours and good luck with the move

  2. All of your touches are so beautiful and picture perfect! I get very into wrapping but admittedly it takes time and patience, this year starting earlier than usual..hoping to avoid some of the stress of former years!! Trying to catch up in blogland too.

  3. Wow that was one to remember. Beautiful.

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