I went all blue last year for our Christmas decorations, the tree, the house, the wrapping etc. It suited our house, which is as you know mostly blue and white, and we live in a coastal area near the beach.  I had lots of shells, coral, feathers, butterflies and dragonflies, peacocks, ribbonss and sparkle. It was rather glamorous and looked lovely in our blue living room. Although the tree took about 300 decorations to fill it up. Not that you can tell looking at this photo!


This year I thought as we are moving soon to our new house in the country, perhaps something a little more traditional and country-inspired would be more appropriate. And what better way to go than the customary red and white – with a touch of green, naturally.





I have been trawling (I say that like it’s an arduous task, which of course it’s not!) through my Pinterest boards and the internet coming up with some inspiration images and ideas for myself and to share with you. I must admit I did make a small (read large) purchase of new red and white decorations at Bed Bath n Table recently – they were on sale 30% off so I can never resist that offer. Plus you can’t move to a new house and not have a few new bits for the tree and it makes it so much more special for the children! (is what I’ll tell my husband when he complains!)


I am excited to get our giant Christmas tree up. I went through quite a process last year finding the right one, because I did feel a little like I was cheating not having the real thing, but don’t get me started on the undecoration friendly shape of the Australian Christmas tree. It drives me nuts. So I gave in and bought a beauty from Alfresco Emporium. It takes about half a day just to assemble the tree before you even get to decorating it.


There’s something oddly comforting and familiar about a traditional red and white Christmas I find. Something about the familiar colours of your childhood, the age old traditions of Father Christmas, stockings, fir trees, candy canes and the like, that bring back the nostalgia and fond memories that make Christmas such a special time. Even though I love experimenting with new colour schemes, I do love doing the traditional look.





My wrapping for the teachers last year was just simple red paper with the ribbon I bought from Bed Bath n Table ( they do great ribbons), and a silver bell and check reindeer as ornaments. Rather Scandinavian looking, but fresh, cheerful and festive I thought.

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Homemade decorations like this are really simple to make and such fun. I do love making something every year, although not sure what I’ll get around to this time.


Do you buy yourself a new dress to wear on Christmas Day each year? Do you give it any thought?


Amaryllis are such a Christmassy flower but one more associated with northern Christmases. They are wonderfully festive and elegant.

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Nothing like red ticking to make you feel in the mood.


I love this idea of hanging candy canes on ribbon loops over a window frame. Simple and easy but very effective, and the best decorations are always the ones you can eat.


Have you ever had a white or coloured Christmas tree?


I believe that from Christmas Eve until after Boxing Day that we have a kind of calorie immunity, and it’s a time when you just don’t put on weight, no matter what you eat or drink. It’s what you eat before and after those days that do the damage!



Now if only Christmas Day were dressy enough in our house to justify wearing a stunning Elie Saab creation like this one.


Not a big fan of carnations usually, but en masse in this kind of arrangement they certainly do look fabulous.




This is what I’d love to be wearing on Christmas Day…..

and this is who I’d love to see on Christmas Eve! There’s still a little part of me that believes…..and wishes.


Hope your Christmas preparations are coming along and you’re getting in the spirit. All images from my Pinterest board.


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20 Responses to A red and white Christmas theme

  1. Hi Mel,

    So exciting to be moving and I’m sure you will enjoy changing up the decor:) The idea of going a little more rustic sounds perfect and I can’t wait to see what you do. Your blue and white theme last year was really pretty! As far as a Christmas dress.. I DO buy a few fun pieces to wear during the holidays and that will be fun to wear all winter long. Hope you are enjoying the festivities of the season.


  2. Monica says:

    wonderful red and white theme photos…I always love the look so traditional and brings back childhood memories.

  3. Natalie says:

    Oh yes I do love traditional red and white for Christmas. Can’t wait to see the tree.

  4. Nothing says Christmas more than red and white I think.

  5. lesley cocks says:

    Love all the posts!! I am going to make the Donna Hay maccaron dessert!! Thank you for a wonderful blog

  6. Susan says:

    Looking forward to seeing photos of your new place decked out in red and white. It really is such a classic, timeless color combination! Love your blog!

  7. Monica says:

    I love Christmas and look forward to seeing your holiday decor in your new home…plus such a fun time for the kids.

  8. Mel…its August…your already planning for Christmas…I’m impressed! I know what ever you do its going to be beautiful!

  9. Dina says:

    Where can I find those red and white knit stockings for place settings?? I love that

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  15. Marie says:

    Hi can I purchase the sign about the white wine?

  16. Jeanie Kuebler says:

    You have inspired me to do some real decorating this year; thank you for the beautiful photos and ideas!

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