The latest in the Telstra debacle is that the broadband that was promised for tomorrow, has now ben put on hold for a mystery technical reason they are unable to explain to me, and they say it could be up to three months to find a resolution! In utter exasperation I have now made a complaint to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman and will keep you posted on their response.

We are off on holiday this week and to be honest, I can’t wait. I’m ready for a change of scene and some R&R. Before we head off I thought I’d set up a few posts for delivery while I’m gone. Here’s hoping it works as I’m using my iPhone connection to upload and it will probably send my phone bill through the roof! Here’s a few more Christmas pics….


Christmas morning, waiting to get stuck into the sacks.


I can get my husband back for that terrible photo of me snoozing on Christmas Day!IMG_4917

Poppy trying out a shade of her new nail polish. This was a Santa present that lasted about a day before I secretly chucked it in the bin before it ended up all over my sofa. I should have known better!

IMG_4912 In anticipation of lots of wet weather in the Highlands this year, the kids got umbrellas.




IMG_4896I’ve decided there must be something wrong with our oven, because the turkey which was supposed to take 3 hrs to cook, was done in 1.5hr and almost overdone. And I keep burning everything I put in the oven, or meat gets terribly overcooked. So it must be a dodgy thermostat or something I guess.


IMG_4932Poppy was very pleased with her collectable Dorothy doll. I think the ruby slippers, socks, Toto and basket has since disappeared!

IMG_4935Sadly, the dancing ballerina who was supposed to twirl around the piano while it played, was a dud so didn’t work, and Poppy was less than pleased about it.

IMG_4942We tried to buy them some presents that would encourage getting out into the garden and some exercise, hence these hideous looking bike things.


On Christmas Day at my parents’ home, there was a Christmas assembly presented by the kids with a little dance number at the end. Amelia is trying to copy her cousin Thomas who did some breakdancing.

IMG_4976The kids’ table.


IMG_4994So that’s it for Christmas 2013.


9 Responses to More belated Christmas posts….

  1. So cute!! Poppy looks like shes ready to start a modeling career..what a ham! The house looks gorgeous and I love the happiness and love that radiates from your photos!

  2. Bonita says:

    Lovely post. Poppy is gorgeous. Bless her putting on nail polish!

  3. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all! Your children are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Food From Our Life says:

    There may not be anything wrong with your oven, could just be the fact that you’re used to the old one. A great way to test for hot spots is to put a sheet of baking paper in the oven and see where it darkens first. Then you can tell whether you have to turn trays of biscuits etc. Fan Forced will always be hotter than a gas or electric oven.

  5. What a lovely post. Very personal and I agree with The Enchanted Home, how adorable is Poppy…..personality plus going on there.

  6. Ha ha ha, i love the expressions on your kids faces, they are to cute. Sounds like a great christmas. Have an AWESOME holiday!

  7. Lee says:

    I absolutely love your style, I have been looking at your gorgeous bedroom over at your website and wondering what blue you used in your bedroom its just so pretty.


  8. Priya says:

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