I can’t begin to tell you how much being without internet access is utterly doing my head in! You realise how much you take all these mod cons for granted when you are suddenly without them. As we are used to being able to access lightening fast cable broadband 24/7, Wifi and all the rest of it in Sydney, it is beyond frustrating not having any of it in our new house. Given we only live ten minutes from the centre of town, it is hard to believe. But the more I delve into this issue, the more I realise that the broadband situation in the Highlands is laughable.

I have explored every option and alternative for broadband, from mobile to satellite, to radio tower and everything in between. Until today we were going to have to mount a satellite on a huge metal pole on our chimney to get high enough to reach over the trees to receive the signal from the closest radio tower. This would have cost upwards of $2k just to install.

As a last resort I rang back Telstra to complain again about their service, and asked them to check one more time if a port was available at our local exchange. This was the only thing standing between me and ADSL and I was told it could be years before one became available. Well, lo and behold, there is one available, although clearly their waiting list doesn’t hold much value as nobody bothered to tell me. So it seems I will be connected to very slow DSL from next Wednesday, just in time for us to go on holiday. Although this was also guaranteed to me in November, when I first booked the service, so who knows what might happen. I’m not holding my breath and will probably have to work from my husband’s newly acquired serviced office as well.

So at this rate, I’m guessing that we will have internet access by about February! It is particularly annoying not being able to post regularly, keep you updated, show you pics of the house and be present on social media. But hopefully it will be sorted before I lose my mind! Please stick it out.

I have zipped around to my sister’s house to print something out, as I don’t have a printer set up, and no desk at the moment, and decided to quickly use her laptop to do a quick Christmas post, because if I don’t get this one in soon, it will be way too late to mention Christmas at all. So here are some photos of the house at Christmas time. Before it’s too late…..


This was our tree. I bought these gorgeous Christmas sacks from Alfresco Emporium. I wrote the kids’ names in Texta. They looked great with our lovely red themed tree.20140102-223137.jpg

I need to equip myself with some serious bannister decorations for next year, but this was the best I could do at the last minute. It was lovely having lights up the staircase.


I do love these dear little deer that I bought at Alfresco. I had the glittery snow from last year and put them in the silvery tray I bought at West Elm, then added the trees and candles.

Charlie’s notes for Father Christmas and the reindeer were too cute.20140102-222944.jpg 20140102-222920.jpg

It was quite cool (as in temperature)on Christmas Eve and I did enjoy watching the Michael Buble Christmas concert over and over, then Rod Stewart while wrapping presents and preparing for the following day. It did feel quite like a northern hemisphere Christmas rather than the usual hot Aussie one we are accustomed to. I took the curtains from our old house, and hung them in here, hoping to recreate the look of our former living room until I get the chance to do something else. They are about a foot too short, but at least it’s a bit of familiarity.


I added lights to every corner, just to brighten it all up for the kids who had to wait until 21 Dec to get anything Christmassy in the house. The kitchen was a great opportunity for decorating. It actually looks better with the wreath than without.
20140102-222850.jpg 20140102-222836.jpg

My grandmother makes us a Christmas cake every year and always decorates it with these dear little people.20140102-222822.jpg 20140102-222759.jpg

I didn’t have a chance to go overboard with my wrapping this year, but this was some of the wrapping done to match the tree. It is one of my favourite things about Christmas.20140102-222745.jpg

We have the personalised tree decorations from Pottery Barn Kids that I got last year and a few I made when they were babies. We also each have our initial on the tree made of a silver timber letter. I added ribbons and ties, and mini crackers to fill up the tree too. I thought it looked really pretty. I do love a traditional colour scheme.

This is the only photo taken of me over the entire Christmas holiday, after Christmas dinner and a few too many glasses of bubbly. I took over 200 hundred shots, but this is what I have to remember of me for Christmas 2013! Gee, thanks hubby!20140102-222536.jpgSo thank you for your patience while I try to sort out this internet issue and I do apologise for not being as active and in touch as I would like. I am still getting lots of enquiry for my design services which is wonderful and I look forward to working with my new clients in the coming months. It’s all very exciting. We are off on holiday to Noosa next week, and then it will be great getting the kids into their new school, kindy and really getting stuck into life in the Highlands. It’s been wonderful so far, and despite the sorrow at leaving, have hardly thought about it.

6 Responses to A rather belated Christmas post!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Happy New Year to you! House is looking fabulous. Btw is that a gien lamp base in the photo with you?

  2. Hello and Happy New Year!! Hope 2014 is a great year for you in your beautiful new home….looks like Christmas was wonderful. Good luck with your internet issue, feel your pain…it can be frustrating, patience is a virtue. Enjoy your holiday!!

  3. You are an absolute dynamo Mel. Hang in there darls and all will turn out well. Your Christmas looks enchanting.

  4. Alfresco says:

    Happy New Year! Loved all the Christmas decorations! From the letters on your tree to the dear Deer and the Santa Sacks. Thanks so much for the mention 🙂

  5. Natalie says:

    I just saw you kitchen featured in The Inspired Rooms blog!! How exciting. I adore your kitchen.

    Those santa sacks look great by the way.

  6. Jedi Mama says:

    I just found your blog, quite by accident, and wow! I’m just sitting over here, across the ocean from you, coveting that white kitchen of yours! If you’re not incredibly busy next weekend, I’d like to invite you over for a cup of coffee, and then (as long as you’re here!) just turn you loose on redecorating MY house! (Interior design has never been my spiritual gift, no matter how badly I want it to be.) And… your daughter’s name is Amelia! My husband and I have two boys, and both of them were going to be named Amelia, had they been born girls. As far as I think, that’s the very best name EVER for a little girl. Anyway, what a fun and lovely blog you have; well done!

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