I was lucky to join my husband recently on a brief work trip to the US, and we had a few days to relax in Napa prior to landing in Vegas for his conference. After much deliberation I chose Meadowood Resort for our accomodation, although there were so many wonderful places to choose from in the area. It was very difficult to decide, but I’m so glad we settled on this one. It was perfection and exactly what I was hoping for. Here are some photos I thought I’d share with you of this beautiful place in the middle of Napa Valley.


The reception was situated in this main house which was central to the resort. It was like visiting someone’s fabulous home, rather than a hotel. Warm, welcoming, comfortably decorated. A very stylish home away from home.

img_8122 img_8123

Here are some photos of the reception area, where in the morning there was coffee, tea and pastries served with papers and in the evening samples of the local wines and canapés.




img_8076 img_8077

Our room was located in the Croquet Lodge just a short walk from the main house across this walkway. At the bottom of the stairs to the lodge was this beautiful display of blue hydrangeas.

The Croquet Lodge is this fabulous building located behind the main house and overlooking the breathtaking croquet lawn and distant views of the golf course and grounds. It was the most stunning sight, and walking into our room and seeing that view was heart-stopping. When we arrived there was a group of rather tipsy ladies in white playing a game while downing bottles of champers, and the fun continued while we were there. It was glorious to see that view at all times of the day.img_8035


The Croquet Lodge was like staying in a fabulous country house, rather than a hotel. Our room was very spacious, with split levels, a small lounge area, kitchenette, wood fire and spacious bathroom. The deck out off the living area had that stunning view with Adirondack chairs and tables. I took all these photos so you could all notice and appreciate the architectural details. Aren’t they wonderful.




The interiors were simple, classic and slightly country. I loved the use of back hardware and lighting, the plain white linen and timber paneling.
img_8017 img_8010Added texture in the room was achieved with the stone fireplace, leather seating, linen soft furnishings and wicker furniture. We used the fire each night and it was reset every day.
img_8006 img_8007
Nothing like a lovely and classic marble topped white vanity with chrome tapware. So easy and effective, why don’t we do this kind of bathroom in hotels in Australia?

That was the view that welcomed us when we opened the doors to the deck off our room. Just amazing. I was lost for words.img_8021

During our stay there were numerous games of croquet played, some subdued and others more raucous. There was a wedding on our second night, so the wedding party had a game during the day. All were required to dress in white for the game. The lawn was immaculate and the surroundings spectacular.




This was the golf clubhouse, located just near our room. The course was only 9 holes, but stunning and surrounded by these magnificent trees and greenery, which is not often seen or expected in Napa. Quite unusual to be in such a small, private valley, with the valley. My husband played a few rounds and we did a few hikes which circumvented the course. Quite beautiful.img_8038
The following day we did a little tour around the hotel and found a few little out of the way places. This was the area where the wedding parties were houses, and the bride was getting ready in one of these rooms. They were separate to the rest of the accommodation and near the flat garden area where the marque was set up.

img_8189 img_8191 img_8193 img_8194

The gym and poolhouse was another sight to behold. Quite wonderful. I have never been so motivated to work out in my life! I could have spent hours on that treadmill just taking in all the details. That was a gym to end all gyms too, every bit of equipment known to man. I felt ten kilos lighter just from being there!


The pool below is the adults pool, with a lot of people doing laps during our stay. It seemed that the guests were very active and fitness oriented, and most of them used the gym, hiked, played golf and tennis, swam and then relaxed by the pool. I felt compelled to join in despite my inclination to sit by the pool and order a club sandwich and a glass of wine!

This was the kids pool, slightly removed from everybody else, with its own club. Great idea I think. Nothing like being away with the hubby for a romantic trip and being surrounded by someone else’s kids! Nightmare. And great for families to have a place to hang and not be worried about sneering guests giving glaring and disapproving looks! Been there, done both. img_8096

The pool wasn’t enormous but big enough. I loved the lounges and chairs they used. Simple and classic. img_8110img_8099img_8100img_8108

The criss cross theme of the chairs was continued into the pool bar. Very simple and effective.img_8115
The landscaping of the resort was wonderful too. We are doing a lot of landscape design and work at our place, so are very interested in plants and landscaping. It was great to get so much inspiration from this place, seeing which plants they used and to such great effect. The choice of plants was very limited and effective, just a few things, but the overall impact was wonderful.

The landscaping consisted basically of a few things, Star Jasmine used abundantly for ground cover and hedging, specimen trees, lush and well watered green lawns, gravel paths, and some white flowers such as white roses and Impatiens. Not much else. It was simple, classic and suited the surroundings perfectly.

img_8049 img_8056 img_8103 img_8119 img_8179 img_8186

img_8080 img_8085The staff were attentive and fabulous, although the new catchphrase “I’m gonna reach out to concierge…” was kind of annoying. Overall a truly spectacular experience. The restaurants and food were all terrific, although quite pricey, but the depressed AUD doesn’t help that.

It was a wonderful experience and we wished we could have stayed longer to relax, take it all in, experience more of Napa and the resort itself and just appreciate the glorious surroundings not just of the hotel but of Mother Nature as well. We highly recommend and would return in a flash.

Hopefully you found these photos as beautiful, inspiring and helpful as I did the whole experience.


5 Responses to Meadowood, Napa Valley

  1. Lainie Hogan says:

    Beautiful Melinda. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and photos of your wonderful stay in Napa Valley. Meadowood is now on my list of gorgeous places to visit.

  2. Sue Sinclair says:

    Americans do have style, it reminded me of my stay in Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island that was awe inspiring, The first picture, the dark bench, I so wanted to centre that. Great photo’s I bet you had a memorable and happy time you are very lucky to have found such a place, cheers Sue

  3. Beth says:

    Isn’t Napa the best!? It’s pure heaven. This resort looks beautiful, I may have to check in there my next visit!

  4. Belinda says:

    Looks like a wonderful place for a relaxing holiday Mel. Love the architectural details x

  5. Deb says:

    Wow! Stunning Melinda! Thanks for sharing!

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