I was really delighted with the enthusiastic response to my recent decorating workshops, which sold out very quickly and I was surprised to get even one fully subscribed let alone three, with a waiting list. So thank you so much for keeping the faith, embracing the concept and all those who were able to attend and who travelled from far and wide for the day or weekend. There were a number of girls who travelled from Brisbane and enjoyed a lovely weekend in the Highlands, several from Canberra, one from Melbourne and the rest mostly from Sydney. What a terrific turn out, I met so many amazing girls and just had a brilliant time talking about and sharing ideas and insights into decorating. 

I was very touched and felt very humbled by your faith in me and interest in what I had to share. I have had lots of enquiries about the next lot of workshops, so please email me if you are interested so I can start to work on some dates in the new year.

Spring is in full swing here in the Highlands. We have had the first decent rain in months and months, so everything is starting to look wonderfully green and lush. Hopefully this will give the gardens the boost they need and set us up for a verdant and bountiful summer. Tom and I have been busy in the garden, recently planting about 50 hydrangea bushes which I am beyond excited about. I have been modelling our garden on those of Edmund Hollander, my favourite landscape designer who works mostly in the Hamptons and does a style of classic garden I adore. Here are some pics of our newly redesigned front garden, where we are hoping to create a fabulous boxwood ball garden.

I took some photos on my phone of a few rooms in the house that looked quite pretty over the weekend and thought I’d share them. They are only iPhone pics so not great, but you get the idea.

The rug in the navy snug has changed, actually we just flipped it over because my husband dropped his dinner on it (arghhh!), and it just wasn’t ever going to recover! Needed a quick fix before opening my home to 25 design lovers for the workshops, but actually it works quite well and has saved me outlaying on a new rug for the moment! The workshops also gave me the chance to wash all the upholstery and try to clean up the cream sofa, which had turned a shade of murky beige with plenty of indigo stains on it from our jeans. It cleaned up a bit, but is well overdue for reupholstering.

The sunroom is looking pretty at the moment, it’s such a nice room. I do love it. I added lots of bunches of roses from our garden, and have recently edited and restyled the shelves which were looking a little over burdened and clogged with stuff. Sometimes you just have to step back and take stock, remove everything and start again. The grasscloth that was lining the back of the shelves had really discoloured, so I ripped it off and repainted with some spare paint from the cottage. Looks a lot fresher and makes the items on the shelves pop.

Now that the workshops are over, we are focusing on the new house project and trying to get the DA in before Christmas. Ever hopeful, but not likely! Now I am looking forward to getting the Christmas decorations out and starting to deck the halls. Can’t wait! Our Christmas last year in the UK was so magical and memorable, big expectations on this year. I do love a cold and White Christmas so hoping our Aussie Christmas can rise to the challenge. Pressure’s on…… 


4 Responses to A spring clean!

  1. Love every single bit of it Mel and I so missed your social media presence for all of those months. So glad you are back on deck <3

  2. Bridget Satterfield says:

    Hello! I love your work. Where did you get the pillows on the light blue chair in the last picture? I need something just like it. Your home is beautiful!

  3. I just love it. All the pictures are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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