If you’ve been following me on Facebook you will have seen all the posts I have been doing this week with the latest photos of the Bowral cottage reno and updates. We had the photographer take official real estate photos this week, so I thought I would share them with you. We have already had a number of offers and it won’t be on the market for long, if it even gets to market.

I will be doing some posts soon which will detail the renovation, what we did and how, with lots of before, during and after pics. Hopefully that will provide lots of inspiration, ideas and motivation for those of you looking to renovate your own homes. 

I am also planning to hold a decorating workshop in October, which I will hold either at the cottage or my home. Here I will share my knowledge and experience with you, share insights into my personal style and how I decorate, my tips on achieving a classic and timeless design aesthetic plus lots of decorating tips and techniques you can take home with you to apply to your homes and own decorating. I will also share my secrets such as my go to paint colours, how tos on wall paneling, picking details such as colours, finishes, mixing fabrics and all the rest.

If you are interested in attending a workshop, please email me at mel@melindahartwright.com to register your interest. It will likely be a weekday event in school hours.

Photos by Reelvantage

Don’t forget to register for the decorating workshop asap to receive detailed information later in the week. I will be revealing all the details of this reno, paint colours, fabrics, sources and you can ask me questions about this and your projects as well.

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